Note: I downloaded the certificate files from Godaddy account.

Download your cer or p7b files from your Godaddy account.

Double click and install cer file to Personal Folder.

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
Click Tools > Internet Options > Content > Certificates
Under the Personal tab, select the SSL certificate.
Click Export

You will see the option “Do you want to export private key with the certificate?” – Select “Yes, export the private key”

Select PFX as an option and make sure the first checkbox “Include all the certificates in the certification path if possible”

Click Next and select Password checkbox and enter the password. Export it to a location with pfx extension.

Open IIS (inetmgr) and select the server name from the left pane, in the right panel, select Server Certificates and right click and import the new certificate.

Select the exported certificate to be imported into IIS.

Once imported to IIS, select the certificate for the website you would like to use it on.

How to convert p7b to pfx from IIS and Internet Explorer (SSL)

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