Log in to ESRI developer account.

If you are tied to an organization (like me) – there will be an option “My Organization”

Under My Organization, click Create New Provision File
















For Product Type, select ArcGIS Enterprise for versions greater than 10.5 and ArcGIS Server for version below 10.5

(Note: This document is written based on version 10.5)

Select appropriate option under License Type (e.g. ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS for Portal)

For ArcGIS Server – Make the provision selection from one of the below options.

Server licensing roles and extensions
Server licensing roles only
Extensions Only

For  ArcGIS for Portal – 

Core Products and Extensions
Core Products Only
Extensions Only

In Step 2 Select the appropriate Server Licensing Role











Go to Step 3 if you are planning to use any extensions and Select appropriate extensions.

If not, Skip to Step 4 to enter/populate your details.










Enter details if you are provisioning this file for someone else.

If not, use the option “Populate user fields from my profile” and “Populate organization fields from my organization”

In Step 5; choose the option to either download or email the provision file.











For my purpose, I downloaded the file.

Once you download the file open it in Notepad and copy the ECP number which will be listed on the bottom of the page.

Once you get the ECP, log in to the server where you would like to use the ECP.

Assuming ArcGIS Server is installed on this machine, open/search for “Software Authorization for ArcGIS Server”

From the three options listed in this window, select the first option “I have installed my software and need to authorize it” and click next.

Select the option “Authorize at Esri’s website or by email to receive your authorization file”

Click Next, On this screen; if your details are not populated – enter them.

Click Next to make the selection for your organization and department and your job role.

Click Next, Paste the ECP Number you have copied from Provision File.

Click Next to authorize any software extensions, Click Next to evaluate software extensions

Click Next to go to the last window and Click save to save a file with your Authorization Information.

As mentioned in this screen, you can get your ECP by sending the above Authorization form to ESRI or uploading it to ESRI developer portal.

For my scenario, I used the online option and uploaded the Authorization file.

To follow the online process, open the link – https://my.esri.com/#/activations/secure-site and log in
















Upload the Authorization file, and ESRI will generate your ECP to be downloaded.

Use your ECP to authorize your Server. Thanks!


How to generate and download ECP for ESRI (ArcGIS 10.5)

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