In my previous post, I have provided a detailed instructions of how to create IAM users and generate passwords.

In this post, we can follow the below steps to setup the AWS local repository on a developer machine.

There are few suggestions in the GIT downloads page for a GIT GUI client. After doing some research, I found that Source Tree from Atlassian is free and is one of the best GUI client. So, I have decided to use it. You can download it from here.

More GUI Clients are available here – But, in this article; I have focussed on Source Tree.

Configuring Development Environment

Download and install GIT – – No additional selections are required during the installation, please use all the default selections for the installation.

Download and install Source Tree from here –

Once you have installed Source Tree. Open the application and click on Clone / New









In the Source Path URL add the AWS HTTPS URL provided by your AWS administrator

When prompted, enter the username and password provided by your AWS Administrator.

Choose the Destination path (your local path)













Click OK to authenticate followed by clicking clone button.

GIT will clone the repository to your local path






You can view the Full output to make sure there are no errors.









Verify all the files are checked out as expected.

Commit the files, One nice option with Source Tree is, as you add new folders or files to your repository; Source Tree will automatically recognize them and will add them to Stage area.




You can then stage them all, to be added / removed to the staging folder.














With GIT, when a repository is created, it copies everything to your local and your local will act as central repository.

Staging area is like a file, it contains what goes into GIT repository.

Once you commit your files, all of the changes are then updated in Staging Area.


















You must click Push to do a final commit to GIT area.

Before doing a final commit, make sure you perform the Pull operation to merge any new changes checked in by other developers.






























If you have any questions, please post them in the comments box.

Happy Coding…



Configure, Commit and Push code with AWS Code Commit, Source Tree – Part II

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