Please follow the below steps to configure, commit and push your code to AWS Codecommit repository.

This article is written both for AWS administrators and developers.

For AWS Codecommit – simple steps to create IAM users, repositories and provide the URL to developers.

For Developers – Use AWS repository and GIT GUI client to pull, commit and push code to repository.

Administrator Tasks –

Simply Create IAM users by navigating to IAM console, there are two ways to navigate to IAM console.

  1. (Login with your Admin Privileges)
  2. Or Navigate to AWS Services and Find IAM (see below screenshot)







Once you navigate to IAM Users Dashboard page, click on the Users -> Click Add Users button











Add the user details, please be aware that you can add one or multiple users in one go…









Click Next Permissions -> In the next screen, select “Attach existing policies directly”












In the filter box, please filter the policies (there are three policies that are supposed to be added).




Once the permissions are added, please move to next screen in the user setup process (Review page)









Once the three policies are added, Click the Create user button.

Successful user creation message is created – please download the Access Key and Secret Access Key and provide them to the developer(s).











Navigate to the users window from IAM console, select a particular user and open the tab Security Credentials

Under HTTPS GIT Credentials, click Generate to generate a username and password for each developers, once generated, please download them and send them to the appropriate users.

NOTE: You can only be able to view and download the password only one time, if forget the password, you have to reset it and follow the same procedure to generate it.























In addition to providing Credentials, you must also provide the repository link for the developers.






Happy Coding, more details to configure the Source Tree, IntelliJ will be provided in part 2.

Configure, Commit and Push code with AWS Code Commit, Source Tree (Administrators Only) – Part I

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