Recently our SVN server location was moved to a new location. As a part of this migration developers were supposed to change their svn bindings.

For source control, we use Tortoise SVN in our company. Developers use Visual SVN plugin in Visual Studio.

Please follow the below steps to change your svn binding location.

Open explorer and navigate to the folder for which you want to change the bindings.

Right click on the folder and choose Tortoise SVN and select Relocate option (screen below)


Please make sure you are changing the correct binding by looking at From URL: (screenshot)

Modify the To URL to the new binding URL and click OK.


You can click Include externals checkbox to get any additional folders in your solutions (for e.g. Properties folder, etc.,)

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Keep Smiling and Happy Coding…

How to change SVN bindings – (Tortoise SVN)

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